With the increasing public awareness of health and safety in Wong Tai Sin District, we need to set up a purpose-built resource center which supports a series of sustainable programmes to meet the needs of our district, especially for the elderly.
In view of this, a resource center was set up at Yat Tung House of Tung Tau Estate.  It aims at promoting "Healthy Community”, “Safe City", the safety and health messages and strengthening the idea of "prevention is better than cure", and finally creating a healthy lifestyle and safe environment.  The resource center provides a better platform for:
  1. Various Government departments, health care organizations, academic communities, private sectors and other NGOs to have a better communication and to provide services which meet the needs of the community.
  2. All members of the district to have easily accessible "health and safety" information, thus enhancing their awareness of health and safety, and getting involved actively in building a healthy community and lifestyle.
  3. World Health Organization and neighboring "Healthy City" and "Safe Community" to exchange and share experience, this facilitating the Wong Tai Sin District to meet the criteria for being a "Healthy City" and "Safe Community".